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Cars airborne after semi hits bridge on turnpike

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CHANDLER, Okla. - Cars went airborne on the Turner Turnpike after a semi-truck hit a bridge Thursday afternoon.

In pictures taken from the scene you can see the semi still stuck halfway under the bridge near the Chandler exit.

One vehicle is completely unrecognizable after hitting the ground and rolling multiple times.

Officials said the company did not have proper permits for the Turnpike because some bridges aren't tall enough for its load.

This isn't the first time a semi has rammed into a bridge on the Turnpike.

News Channel 4 has reported three other incidents at the Hogback Bridge all within 60 days of each other.

"It's a simple fix," witness Michael Gray said. "I think the turnpike needs to look at making the advisories better because when you get on the turnpike you don't see any maximum height restriction signs until you get to the bridges which by then is too late."

Remarkably there are no reported injuries.

Turnpike officials said they will file a claim against the Texas-based company.

We could not reach that company for comment Thursday.