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Okla. student enjoys first snow day ever

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Thursday morning's weather left schools scrambling.

Many districts decided to err on the side of safety, canceling school to keep the kiddos safe.

While students were excited, we found one who was rather confused by the idea of a snow day.

Mie Jacobsen said, "No, never. I've never had a snow day in my life."

Jacobsen, an Edmond Memorial senior, is not your average Oklahoman; she's an exchange student from Denmark.

While she's enjoyed this week's weather, she was shocked to find out school would be closed when the grass was barely covered.

"We're used to so much more and we never have snow days," she said. "We also live close by our schools. Usually people live where they can walk to school."

Her family recently sent her pictures of the snow blanketing Denmark.

Many times the snow is several feet high yet Mie's school was never canceled.

She said, "It's not an excuse that there's snow unless you live in the country and can't open your door."

But make no mistake, she said she was definitely excited to wake up to the news of an unplanned day out of school.

Mie said, "I said, 'Yes!' And then I went back to bed."

Mie will be here for a few more months.

She said she misses home but has enjoyed the variety of weather she's experienced here in Oklahoma.

Mie said they never have rain and snow at the same time in Denmark and that it's much colder there than it is here.