Next chance of rain to move in this weekend

Jesus House prepares for storm

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Thousands across our state are preparing for the coming winter storm, including those who serve some of the most vulnerable in our community, the homeless.Snow roads truck

Sunday afternoon, officials at the Jesus House squeezed in a last-minute grocery run.

“We loaded up today and got what we needed to at least get us through the storm without running out of supplies and we can still do the things that we need to do to help take care of people,” Executive Director Rick Denny said.

They’re already in cold weather mode at the Jesus House, meaning they take people in off the streets at night because it’s dipping below freezing.

Now, Denny said they’ll kick it up another notch to extreme weather mode.

“We open up as much space as we possibly can that’s allowed under the fire code for our building,” he said

It’s already been a deadly winter season for the homeless.

Dec. 10 a homeless man was found dead, floating in a creek just west of downtown.

The day after Christmas, another man was discovered behind a laundromat.

“That’s very dangerous for the people that are on the streets, especially the unsheltered who are in a state of refusal to commit to coming into a shelter program,” Denny said.

They don’t go out and physically bring people in but Denny said if it gets bad enough, most will seek them out.

“People usually when they see that it’s going to get bad, they’ll start migrating this way and we expect that to happen tomorrow,” Denny said.