More rain is on the way!

Enid digs out after snowstorm

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ENID, Okla. - All day Tuesday, police and firefighters responded to dozens of downed power lines and road hazards caused by Monday's heavy, wet snow.

The fire department went out on more than 100 calls, about three times their load for a normal day.

"They've all been very busy," Enid FD's Ken Helms said. "They've gone from one call to another throughout the day and that's just not our normal routine."

Staff at United Supermarket had an interesting day, too.

"Last night, well, the power's been going on and off,"  Tristan said, one of the workers. "We lost power this morning for about 45 minutes and like 9."

The store managed to stay open for the day, just one of a few open in a sea of closures throughout the city.

For many in Enid, the wintry mess brought frustration.

"We've been out of work because of it and of course in the oil fields if you're out of work, you don't get paid," Chuck Harris said. "Different people are working, different people are not."

Meanwhile, the city is slowly coming back online. About 30 percent of the city lacked power Tuesday night, in comparison to 95 percent on Monday.

"We're really fortunate that the temperatures warmed up today and we had good sunshine to sort of help start melting this stuff off quickly instead of having it all just turn to ice," Helms said.