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Lightening sparks gas fire

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Oklahoma City, Okla. - Roads aren't the only thing dangerous in Monday's rain and snowy weather.

Lightening in the morning caused a natural gas line to blow, threatening several homes just off of Morgan Rd. on NW 12th St

Flames shot into the air, fueled by the natural gas line below.

"We heard a loud explosion like lightening hit outside the window," said Steve Dunford.

Lightning struck the tree just feet from Dunford's home. Fire fighters say it heated up the gas line underneath and caused a leak.
A spark from the electricity ignited the gas seeping out.

Fire fighters could only watch the fire burn and spray water on it to protect surrounding homes.

Nothing could stop the fire until gas crews turned off the gas.

"If you put the fire out then the natural gas can expand and go into areas where it might create a spark and cause a problem in somebody's house," said Bat. Chief Greg Lindsay.

Oklahoma Natural Gas worked to find the line for for more than three hours.

Crews dug  holes and clamped the pipeline to stop the gas from fueling the flames.

Remembering the devastation the gas line explosion on SW 93rd St. in January, Dunford was glad no one was around when lightning ignited their pipeline.

"Just lucky it happened when it did and nobody was out playing on the street or anything," said Dunford.

Now, he'll be watching out for more leaks because he says this gas fire was too close to home.