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NORMAN, Okla.—While the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics usually spends their time tracking down criminals, they took a break Wednesday and spent time with children at the J.D. McCarty Center.

Officials say they decided to donate computer game systems that were seized from a bust four years ago.

In 2009, the department stopped a vehicle on I-40 and found several items that were stolen from an electronics store in Chicago.

Officials say it was all part of a shoplifting ring but there was no way they could return the donationgames to the rightful owner.

Mark Woodward, OBN spokesman, said, “Since insurance had already been paid to the store for the loss of the items, we were unable to return them to the store and the items became property of the State of Oklahoma.”

Woodward said electronic items are usually sold at auction with proceeds going back to the department.

However, officers wanted the game systems and iPods to be donated to another state agency that could use them.

The J.D. McCarty Center specialized in the care and treatment of children with developmental disabilities.