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Lawmakers lure gun maker to Okla.

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OKLAHOMA CITY - In Colorado, Magpul is in the middle of a public relations blitz.

The company is campaigning hard against a proposed Colorado law that would ban high-capacity magazines a product that company makes.

Company leadership has even threatened to leave Colorado if the law passes.

Oklahoma lawmakers said Magpul can find a home right here in Oklahoma.

"I certainly don't mind that one bit," Rep. Joe Dorman said, D - Rush Springs.

He said he's happy to back an idea introduced by Republican colleague Mike Ritze.

Ritze publically invited Magpul to relocate to Oklahoma.

He even sent a letter straight to the CEO of that company.

Rep. Ritze said he wants to bring Magpul here to Oklahoma because he said the rest of the country is attacking the Second Amendment.

That letter promises that Oklahoma lawmakers will "work endlessly to ensure Magpul's liability is limited and your business is thriving."

At the state house, many across party lines are apparently behind the offer.

"The more jobs we can provide for our state, the more high-paying jobs, that's good for our citizens," Dorman said.

"Oklahoma's a very pro gun state and we are doing just the opposite of what Colorado is doing," Rep. Sally Kern said. "They are passing all these gun control bills and we are getting ready to pass a lot of gun right's bills."

Magpul employs about 200 people directly but also has multi-million dollar contracts with Colorado vendors like some plastic companies.

Those companies may also move out of state, should Magpul pull out of Colorado.

Lawmakers said those companies are welcome in Oklahoma as well.