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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Police are on the look-out for the passenger in a car involved in a chase with police about 1 a.m. Friday morning.

According to police, the driver and a passenger were in the suspect vehicle when the driver made an illegal U-turn in the area of NW 16th and Classen.

When officers tried to make a traffic stop the driver took off.

The chase lasted ten miles at speeds around 60 mph.

At some point the passenger bailed out of the speeding suspect car; he is still on the loose.

The driver eventually crashed in the Chisolm Creek addition at NW 116th and Francis, near Hefner and Western.

Police say the passenger side tires are both blown out because the driver hit the curb so many times.

Several Oklahoma City Police officer and the city helicopter were all involved in the pursuit.

According to officers, the driver ran from police because he was driving with a revoked license.