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Another stolen package reported in the Metro, caught on tape

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – Police in Midwest City are investigating another case of a stolen package.

This time, the Talbert family in MIdwest CIty said a woman stole a package full of bedding for their baby just minutes after UPS delivered the box.

“I’m 7 months pregnant and was going to get the nursery ready and she took all the decorations and the bedding an everything that was in the package,” Elania Talbert said.

The Talberts said they knew UPS delivered the package because they got a message saying the delivery was complete.

Still, they found nothing on their front step and decided to check their surveillance cameras.

“They definitely got, plain as day, who it was but we want to put it out there and have everybody keep an eye out,” Blaine Talbert said. “Don’t want this happening to anyone else.”

Even more galling, Elania said this empty box, her original package, was left on a neighbor’s front stoop and the neighbor called to tell her about it.

So far, it’s impossible to tell if the woman is the same woman caught on tape at a home in Oklahoma City, where a family also reported a stolen package.

But either way, the Talberts are changing the way they receive packages.

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