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OKLAHOMA CITY- It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane. No wait, it’s a Supero unmanned aerial vehicle.

One of the coolest exhibits at the National Tornado Summit is a company called Supero.

They make small, flying vehicles; these are not drones, though.

“The Supero UAV is tremendous for search and rescue missions,” Supero’s Brandon Park said. “Also, it can be used for agricultural surveillance and petroleum surveillance.”

The Supero company is based in OKC and they build UAV’s for humanitarian¬†purposes.

They are made locally of composite materials and fiberglass.

Brandon Park holding the UAV

Brandon Park holding the UAV

Some models include battery powered engines and others use small gas powered versions.

Some versions are designed to be hand-launched.

The National Tornado Summit continues through Tuesday at the Cox Convention Center in downtown OKC.

Click here for more on Supero

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