Voters to decide fate of rocky roads

PIEDMONT, Okla. - The city of Piedmont is asking voters to pass a $6 million bond to repair streets throughout the city.

The proposal calls for major repairs to multiple streets including 164th St., Arrowhead Rd. and Sara Rd.

City manager Jim Crosby said the voter-approved bond is the only way the city can afford to make the repairs.

"Most of them would be a D minus or F, we have very few good roads in town," Crosby said. “We are really a commuter town. Most people leave town to work and our roads are just not capable of lasting."

The city conducted a survey to determine which roads residents want repaired.

If voters approve the bond, the road improvements will be paid for through property taxes.

The tax assessment will be based on the value of property.

Home Value Annual Impact Monthly Impact
$100,000 $154.07 $12.84
$165,000 $263.32 $21.94
$225,000 $364.17 $30.35
$300,000 $490.22 $40.85

Residents will vote on the bond April 2.

If passed, city officials said the street projects should be complete within three years.