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ROME – Dennis Rodman is making headlines again.

After receiving worldwide attention during his visit to North Korea, the former NBA player is now in Rome.

Rodman said he went to Rome to support the possibility Cardinal Peter Turkson, of Ghana, being elected as the first pope from Africa.

He also spoke about tension between the United States and North Korea and his interactions with Kim Jong Un.

“If you saw him (Kim Jong Un), he was smiling most of the time, smiling, ya know, waving and smiling and shaking my hand and we just sat there talking the whole time and we just talked about basketball and life and stuff like that,” Rodman said. “He just, he really don’t want to fight, he don’t wanna fight, that’s basically his whole point. He don’t want to do that. He’d rather sit down with Obama and say ‘OK great, let’s try and resolve something.’”

Rodman said he’s not on a mission but that he’s been doing this for years, just out of the public eye.