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EDMOND, Okla.—According to horse advocates, the majority of Oklahomans oppose legislation that would allow for the slaughter of horses here in Oklahoma.

A poll by says 66 percent of Oklahoma voters oppose the passage of House Bill 1999 and Senate Bill 375.

Those laws would allow for the slaughter of horses in Oklahoma for human consumption in other countries.

However, it would support a ban on the sale of horse meat in the state.

Officials say when asked about horse slaughter, an overwhelming 72 percent of likely voters opposed the idea.

John R. Merrell, with the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, said, “Our horses deserve a much kinder end to their life, a better life than to be sent to a horrific, terrible, scary death at a slaughter-house. We as Americans do not raise horses for food.”

Rep. Skye McNeil, author of HB 1999, said 160,000 horses are shipped out of the country every year to be killed.

She said having a slaughter-house in Oklahoma would protect horses who are aging or ill from dying a horrible death.

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