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Police seek men after hit-and-run caught on tape

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police ask for the public's assistance solving a violent hit and run.

Investigators said three men deliberately ran down a local homeless man.

The three suspects are wanted for assault with a deadly weapon the weapon being their car.

The entire incident got caught on tape.

"All of a sudden I heard a boom," the victim's fiance, Natonya Merryman, said.

Merryman recalls seeing the violent hit-and-run two weeks ago in the parking lot outside a convenience store near S.W. 29th St. and Kentucky.

"I mean, I saw him fly up," Merryman said. "He went underneath their car and then hit our car and I heard another boom."

Still wearing his arm in a sling, the victim, David Grebb, walked away from our camera.

He remains unable to speak coherently about the incident.

The collision left him with several serious injuries.

"He has several breaks on his left upper arm," Merryman said. "They believe he has TBI, traumatic brain injury, they said it's temporary. It's part of a severe concussion."

This week Oklahoma City police released still pictures of three men from inside the store just prior to the crash.

Police suspect the trio may have been involved in the hit and run.

"We don't know which one of the three was the driver but we believe all three were in the vehicle at the time the man was run over," Oklahoma City police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said.

"I'm sure David would like to talk to them and ask them why they'd do such a heinous thing to him," Merryman said.

Seeing the video, Natonya knows her fiance is fortunate to have survived.

She said she hopes the suspects responsible are brought to justice.

"I'm very confused about the whole situation," Merryman said. "I've never seen in all my life someone be so hateful. We just pray that they are caught."

The suspects were believed to have driven away in a green Ford Explorer.

Police said anyone with information on the case can contact Crimestoppers.