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Oklahoma City voted one of best places to retire

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A new study has listed Oklahoma City as one of the top urban places to retire.

Nerdwallet just released their new rankings based on things like the cost of living, climate and access and quality of medical care.

Oklahoma City came in at number six on the list.

The survey found that OKC is about 10 percent cheaper than most other U.S. cities.

It also stated almost 12 percent of the area’s population is over 65 so seniors would have a community of peers.

The survey also touts Oklahoma City’s arts culture.

Best urban cities to retire:

1. Miami, Fla.
2. El Paso, Texas
3. Jacksonville, Fla.
4. Tampa, Fla.
5. Memphis, Tenn.
6. Oklahoma City, Okla.
7. San Antonio, Texas
8. Louisville, Ky.
9. Tucson, Ariz.
10. Nashville, Tenn.