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Paoli standoff ends with two dead, suspect shot self

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PAOLI, Okla. - A standoff that lasted more than four hours between authorities and a suspected killer came to a deadly end inside a Paoli house Monday afternoon, according to the Garvin County Sheriff.

Shortly after 4 p.m., an Oklahoma Highway Patrol tactical team found 58-year-old Antonio Elias Reynoso dead inside his girlfriend's home in the 100 block of West St.

Sheriff Larry Rhodes said Reynoso died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Rhodes said Reynoso barricaded himself inside a bedroom shortly after allegedly shooting and killing his girlfriend's son.

That victim has been identified as Noel Sanchez-Gonzalez, who was in his early 20s.

He died from multiple gunshot wounds after being transported to a Pauls Valley hospital.

Reynoso may have taken his own life shortly after killing Sanchez-Gonzalez and before Paoli police arrived, Rhodes said.

After hours of unsuccessfully trying to communicate with Reynoso, an OHP tactical team vehicle punctured a hole in the victim's mother's house before firing gas canisters inside, authorities said.

As of Monday evening, they were waiting for the gas to clear out before finishing the investigation into the apparent murder-suicide.

Paoli police Chief Johnny Turner was the first on the scene and got the victim out of the house.

"It's pretty disturbing," Turner said. "I knew the victim and we did our best to get him out so he'd have a chance to live. He had multiple gun shots, so it's tough on our small town.  It's not what you want to do in a small town."

During the standoff, Jessica Robertson and Chelsea Mantooth were overcome with emotion while standing in the street and looking back at the homicide scene.

"All I heard was there was a fight that broke out and the one that got killed, he got shot by his stepdad," Robertson said.

Mantooth said she knew the suspect.

For her, the shooting was not hard to believe.

"Because he's mean," she said. "He was always hurting their mom and stuff. Noel and them always tried to stop him."