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IYC: When storms strike, so do scam artists

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OKLAHOMA CITY – If you’re a victim of natural disaster you don’t want to become a victim of a man-made disaster by being a victim of fraud.

Area trees were no match for old man winter’s icy grip.

By Thursday morning, the warm up and cleanup were already underway.

Certified Arborist, Eddie Cross, said, “Some of this stuff is blocking driveways and on top of cars.”

We found the guys from English Tree Service hard at work. 

“We’re insured, bonded. We’re highly trained,” Cross said. “There’s a lot more skill involved in this than people realize.”

There are plenty of posers out there.

When storms strike, so do scam artists.

Mark Bays is a Certified Arborist with the state.

“There are a lot of people you can find driving down the road in a pick-up,” he said. “We just caution you from that, because they may or may not what’s best for your tree and they may try to talk you into something that isn’t really what you need.”

Bays recommends assessing the damage, while avoiding power lines.

And if the trunk is split or more than 50% of the tree’s leafy crown is down, then a Certified Arborist can tell you whether or not the tree can be saved.

Keep yourself and your pocketbook safe.

  • Verify referrals.
  • Do online background checks.
  • And specify the terms of your job in writing.
  • Don’t go with the first contractor who randomly shows up on your doorstep.
  • Demand proof of bond, insurance and certification.
  • Find a Certified Arborist in Oklahoma.