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Rebuilding Our Community: Home, sweet home

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News Channel 4 teamed up with Salazar Roofing and selected one Oklahoman in need of home repairs but the program, “Rebuilding Our Community” doesn't stop there.

It started back in January when we asked you to submit families who need help repairing their home.

NOMINATE: Click here to nominate someone you know in need of a hand up.

We know times are tough and a lot of folks just don`t have the money or time to make repairs.

We were flooded with nominations and narrowed it down to five.

Salazar visited the people and their homes and made notes of their needs.

Finally, one finalist was picked for Rebuilding Our Community, Jenni Griffin.

She`s a busy working mother, a college student and a mother of two spunky boys.

She needed some work on her roof, her bathroom was in bad shape and her laundry room was equally in need of work.

Salazar and his crew went to work.

They completely gutted and refurbished the bathroom but they didn`t stop there.

He redid the laundry room and threw in a new washer and dryer.

Then he went to work fixing the roof.

While all of this was going on to repair Simpson’s home, Salazar took time to redo the roof of another nominee, Patty Smith, and completely repaint her home.

Back at the Simpson home, we surprised Jenni the other day when she was coming back from school.

The repairs were complete, they cleaned up the yard and put up some ribbons.

We are proud to announce we`ll be partnering with Salazar roofing again for another 'Rebuilding Our Community' project.

NOMINATE: Click here to nominate someone you know in need of a hand up.