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SHAWNEE, Okla. - Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth said he is worried that his citizens could be put in danger.

He said County Commissioners plan on changing management for the Carter Hall Juvenile Detention Center.

Booth said the new management means more services for juveniles but could mean less services for the county.

"In doing so, that would require the sheriff's office to do several transports of juveniles that we don't currently do," he said.

Booth said the extra duties could mean trouble for his already short-staffed department.

"We need a minimum of three more deputies in the filed as it is," Booth said. "My problem was that without additional funding, it's going to put an extremely huge burden on the sheriff's office. "

Booth said County Commissioners told him they will work with him but he's still worried about logistics

"I just want to bring these concerns to everyone else involved so we can work together to find solutions to some of these potential problems," he said.

When we contacted the County Commissioners Office, we were told that they were not able to speak on the issue at this time because it doesn't take effect until the next fiscal year.