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Woman in coma bumps head, recovers

Coma Bob Seger woman

DETROIT – Doctors are working to explain a medical miracle.

A woman in a comatose state for over five years fell out of bed, bumped her head and instantly started to recover.

“The first thing I said was I wanted to go to Bob Seger concert,” she said.

Evie Branan, 79, suffered a stroke years ago which eventually led to her comatose state.

Evie’s daugther, Anite Wagner, said, “I walked in and she just started talking to me and I said, ‘What happened?'”

Evie will be attending Bob Seger’s concert Thursday night at The Palace in Detroit, complete with back stage passes.

She’ll also be going in style, a limousine.

Doctors are not sure how bumping her head helped her memories start to return.

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