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Armed robbery suspect arrested charging phone, victims recovering

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BETHANY, Okla. - Police have an armed robbery suspect in custody who is accused of pulling a gun on at least two different victims.


Authorities said they arrested 29-year-old Michael Short after finding him at a mobile phone store charging his cell phone.

The first robbery happened in the 6900 block of N.W. 32nd St. at 8 a.m. Thursday.

The second happened near I-40 and Rockwell just 20 minutes later.

Cynthia is the first victim of the crime spree.

She said she never expected something like this to happen to her.

"What if it would have been Mrs. Mills," she said. "What if it had been my 83-year-old grandmother? What if it would have been the Hendersons across the street?"

She's trying to recover after the unexpected act of violence in her neighborhood.

She was scraping ice off windshield when a man drove up, put a gun in her face and demanded her wallet.

Cynthia lives with her grandmother and her 7-year-old daughter.

She said she is thankful no one was hurt.

"Thank God it was me and not one of the various senior citizens that live up and down this street," She said.

She stayed calm during the hold-up and was able to give authorities a detailed description of the suspect.

"When police got here a few minutes later, it all spilled out," she said. "Things I didn`t even think I could remember I was able to remember relatively quickly."

She said she is shocked something like this could happen in her neighborhood.

"It`s safe, it`s quiet," Cynthia said. "The police department is two blocks away, there's a nursing home on the other side."

Her neighbors can't believe this happened either.

"It was kind of crazy," Steven Mills said. "Nothing like this has ever happened here before."

As she tried to regain the feeling of safety she once felt, Cynthia said she is still uneasy.

"I`m worried for the community," she said. "Bethany is the safest neighborhood in Oklahoma City and now you`ve got people driving down the street pulling guns on you at 8 in the morning."