Yukon teens go to ‘skid school’

Ford skid school

YUKON, Okla. – Teenagers love to get their hands on car keys.

Students got a chance to drive and to learn some very crucial driving techniques in Yukon Thursday.

“Ford Driving Skills for Life” program set up an obstacle course in the parking lot at Yukon High.

At first, they drove the obstacle course giving it their full attention.

The second time they were asked to try to drive the course while texting.

“Teens are told all the time not to text and drive but they see adults texting and driving all the time, so for the typical teen, are they really serious about not doing it and are there really consequences,” Ford’s Mike Speck said. “And this exercise shows them they are.”

Driving instructors said they try to drill into kids the importance of making wise choices behind the wheel, minute-by-minute.

Students also learned how to get out of a skid and how to avoid traffic distractions.