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SPENCER, Okla. - It has been eight months since a shootout at a Spencer night club left one man dead.

Now the family is demanding investigators solve the case and bring the killer to justice.

Jean Ciar Pierce, 23, was gunned down at Shakers Sports Bar last August.

Since then, the victim's mother, Sarah Burdine, has tracked down potential witnesses and even ordered billboards offering a reward for answers.

The family is concerned about the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office efforts to solve the case.

Out of nearly 200 people at the club that night, most are tight-lipped about what happened.

"Everything is slowing down and without the community's help and without people coming forward, it's going to remain an unsolved murder," Burdine said. "And that leaves our family without closure we need for Ciar's death."

We talked the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office about the family's concerns.

"I can guarantee the family and this agency can guarantee that we are doing everything possible to bring the people who are responsible for this death to justice," Mark Myers said, spokesperson for the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department.

He said they areĀ even using alternative investigative methods to track down the killer.

In the midst of reeling from this tragedy, there has been one source of peace.

Jean Ciar's companion delivered an unexpected baby girl name Ciara.

This came four months after his death.

The family is saddened she will never know her father.