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Group peacefully protesting Westboro at Thunder game

Chesapeake Arena - Night

OKLAHOMA CITY – A group will hold a peaceful protest against the Westboro Baptist Church at Wednesday night’s OKC Thunder game.

The Cimarron Alliance said they are normally silent in the face of Westboro but will hold a peaceful counter-protest at Wednesday’s game.

Westboro Baptist Church is said to be protesting Game 5 to denounce Jason Collins’ recent announcement that he is a gay man.

The Cimarron Alliance said they are demonstrating support for Collins by greeting the protesters on the southwest corner of Reno and Robinson at 6 p.m.

According to Cimarron Executive Director, Scott J. Hamilton, the gay Oklahomans gathering this evening are doing so to demonstrate that hate is not a Christian or Oklahoma value.

“As soon as the Westboro people leave, we will move across the street with brooms, mops and disinfectant to sweep away their hate,” Hamilton said.