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Burglary Caught on Tape

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Thieves steal roofing materials from a construction site and the rightful owners are hoping a video of the crime will help lead to an arrest.

It happened on the city’s Northwest side Sunday morning.

In broad daylight you can see how the culprits pulled right up to the site and loaded the boards in the truck.

Contractor Chad Moody said they broke into a lock box and got the key to the forklift.

They then moved the forklift so they could get to the expensive material.

“They were here on and off probably 3 and a half hours in and out several trips,” he said. “They took about $5,000 worth and probably would have taken more if they hadn’t gotten scared off or wore out a vehicle. I think they were overloaded.”

Moody said he believes the recent hail storm fueled the need for roofing supplies.

He said he hopes someone recognizes the truck and trailer in the surveillance tape.

You can call Oklahoma City Police if you have any information.