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EL RENO, Okla. - Canadian County Sheriff's Office is dealing with a disturbing case of animal abuse.

Tuesday deputies arrested Marla Satterfield for 33 counts of cruelty to animals after they said she ran a puppy mill from her home southeast of El Reno.

Pictures show the dogs' fur matted so thick, investigators said they believe they had not been groomed in years.

"These animals are victims; they can't speak for themselves," Dana Puckett said. "They have no choice but to sit there and slowly suffer and die."

Puckett works with Pet Angels Rescue; the organization that took in some of the dogs.

She said one poodle was found with a 2-week-old puppy matted to the poodle's fur; the dog had to drag the puppy everywhere it went.

"She had 33 animals that were alive but who knows how long they would be alive," Undersheriff Christ West said. "There was three that were dead and who knows what else had taken place."

News Channel 4 tried to ask Satterfield what was taking place but when she drove up to her home, she wouldn't stop.

"She just had them running in a group running wherever, breading with whatever,"  Puckett said.

Investigators said the property was littered with trash and water bowls were dirtied with debris.

Now, many of the dogs that survived are battling sickness.

"It's frustrating," Puckett said. "It comes down to if people see these things happening, they have to report it. Don't turn a blind eye."

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