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New details in fire death of seven-year-old boy

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Investigators are advancing the homicide case of a 7-year-old child killed in a house fire on the southwest side of Oklahoma City.

Adrian Avalos was home alone when the flames sparked.

Court documents tell us his mother went to the club with a boyfriend that night.

Police think someone intentionally set the flames after breaking into the home.

Now detectives are gathering more evidence to find out who did it.

George Gainor remembers watching as fire fighters tried to save the little boy.

'They worked on him, gosh, it felt like an eternity," Gainor said.

Now, he watches as investigators go back inside to find out what led up to the blaze that killed Avalos.

The new search warrant states the person who started the blaze, set the fire "...on a couch in the living room..."

Police noted it looks like a burglary "...drawers in the dresser were pulled out... electronic devices were on the floor."

The document states police are looking for clues such as "blood-stained articles... weapons and firearms... ignitable liquids"

"My girlfriend and I, she heard a boom," Gainor said. "She heard what she thought maybe thunder or a small explosion."

Now seeing the little boy's memorial grow outside the home, Gainor said he just hopes police can find justice for the little boy next door.

"There's gotta be some kind of law set," he said. "You shouldn't be able to leave your kid alone by themselves."

Right now, there is no law keeping parents from leaving children alone.

However, the District Attorney could still press charges against the little boy's mother for neglect.

The new search warrant does not list any suspects or charges.