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Murder suspect’s “bizarre” and “unusual” behavior explained

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EL RENO, Okla. - Bizarre and unusual; that's how a defense expert characterized the behavior of a Mustang woman accused of killing her husband.

Rebecca Bryan faces a charge of first-degree murder for the fatal shooting of Keith Bryan, the Nichols Hills fire chief.

Friday marked day three of testimony in that case.

Prosecutors have not wrapped up their case but the defense was allowed to put its first witness on the stand.

The defense expert testified about some of the behavior demonstrated by Bryan following the murder.

In the hours immediately following the deadly shooting, several witnesses have testified that Rebecca Bryan appeared calm, matter-of-fact and often laughing.

Prosecutors hope that testimony shows Bryan as a cold-blooded killer.

Yet a defense expert and psychologist named Kathy Thomas testified that reactions to death and trauma can vary greatly.

Thomas admitted Bryan acted bizarre and didn't show remorse for her husband but said that could have been a way for Bryan to cope with the loss.

Prosecutors told the jury Bryan's unusual demeanor shouldn't be surprising because she planned the shooting.

The defense knows that how the jury views Bryan's state of mind could weigh heavy on their ultimate verdict.

"That was a point of the case is how does one react to trauma. That's why I called an expert on that issue," said Bryan's attorney Gary James.

Testimony will continue next week.