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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro apartment complex overrun with trash for nearly 12 days has finally been cleaned up.

The past four pick up days were skipped at the Quail Ridge Apartment complex near Memorial Rd. and May Ave. due to a billing issue leaving the dumpsters filled beyond capacity.

Residents called News Channel 4 this weekend to report the problem saying it was not only disgusting but likely a health hazard.

The good news is that trash was finally picked up Monday afternoon.

It was the first time since the first of the month.

The management company tells us it was all a complicated billing mistake.

The complex typically has the trash picked up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

However the past four pick ups were skipped leaving the dumpsters overflowing with trash.

One resident, who asked that we not use her name, said, "You know there's spoiled food and maggots and all sorts of stuff out there."

She said the complex has been cleaning up around the dumpsters.

"They have been taking pick-up loads out but it's not doing anything as far as the full dumpsters," she said. "They just get some of the piles around the dumpsters and they'll haul that off."

We contacted Northstar Properties of Oklahoma City, the company in charge of the Quail Ridge Apartments.

They were not available to talk on camera but sent us this statement:

"The Quail Ridge Apartment Community and Northstar Properties value our residents. We have recently contracted with a new company to manage our trash services. The trash service for Quail Ridge is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After not being serviced on Friday May 3rd it was discovered that we were not receiving the bills for this property. We are working diligently to get the trash removed. We have been assured that the normal trash service will resume today with an extra pick up tomorrow. Again, we value our residents and communities and are working to remedy the situation."

The trash was finally picked up Monday afternoon.

Northstar officials told us on the phone the problem should be fixed and there should not be a problem in the future.