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Closet door saves woman from tornado

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MOORE, Okla. - As residents of Moore returned to their homes Wednesday, they continued to share their incredible stories of survival.

As the May 20th tornado was grinding across I-35, Nikki Alexander was racing to get inside a closet with her two dogs and a cat.

The word "scary" doesn't come close to describing the next 20 seconds for her.

She was holding on to her pets as her home crumbled around her.

Even the closet she was in was swept away.

So how did she survive?

The closet door fell on top of her, shielding her from the swirling debris.

"This was the door I was under, right here," Alexander said in the rubble of her home.  "This flimsy door, I mean.  It saved my life.

"God basically just cupped his hands around me and looked over me while it passed through."

Alexander said she only suffered a small scratch and said God must have bigger plans for her.