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MOORE, Okla.-- A news conference has ended regarding search and recovery efforts following Monday's massive EF5 tornado in Moore.

The death toll still stands at 24; ten of those fatalities are children; with more than 300 injured. Officials do not expect the death toll to climb any higher.

Damage from Monday's 1.3-mile wide twister is expected to top $1 billion.
Destruction from Monday's tornado

Destruction from Monday's tornado

More than 2,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed; with some amazing sights from our KFOR reporters Wednesday morning-- like a single spoon lying away from all the debris, or a bathtub spotted on top of a mound of debris that used to be someone's home.

Recovery and cleanup could take months. The American Red Cross has been working to help people; local churches have opened their doors; as well as other Oklahomans, who are taking in families.

In the hours following Monday's twister, an even more horrific picture was painted; there were early reports of 51 deaths; but that was an error. Amy Elliott of the state medical examiner's office said some of the dead were accidentally counted twice.

Some of the most heartbreaking stories come from Plaza Towers Elementary School, where seven children died.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin said the state has established a website where people can get information on services available to people affected by the storm:

Fallin said those impacted can also call 1-800-621-FEMA for further assistance.

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KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:12 pm

Press conference updating situation in Moore has started

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:13 pm

Gov Fallin: We are asking the public not involved in recovery or cleanup efforts to be patient as we move the type of equipment along the roads

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:13 pm

Gov Fallin: People impacted by the storm please contact FEMA so we can get you the appropriate assistance

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:14 pm

Gov Fallin: We have a Red Cross website- that people can register at so we know you are okay

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:15 pm

Gov Fallin: If you want to help you can give to the Red Cross, Salvation Army and United Way.

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:17 pm

Secretary Janet Napolitano: The big need is removal. We are working with Oklahoma to remove debris. That will open up streets, etc. Please register with FEMA- 1-800-621-FEMA so we can report back to you

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:17 pm

Secretary Janet Napolitano: we want to make this process as smooth as possible

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:17 pm

Secretary Janet Napolitano: I am glad to hear about the charity- Oklahoma Strong

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:17 pm

Secretary Janet Napolitano: to top it off, high school graduation will occur on time this weekend

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:18 pm

Secretary Janet Napolitano: We are here to stay. On behalf of President Obama, we are here to stay until the recovery is complete

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:18 pm

Deputy of FEMA- I want to express my condolences to the families who lost their lives.

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:21 pm

Deputy of FEMA: The secretary mentioned. Our job is to support the governor and officials. We will be here as long as it takes to rebuild Oklahoma

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:22 pm

Red Cross: If you want to learn what to do in case of a tornado- download our app

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:24 pm

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:29 pm

Emergency Management: Residents will be allowed back in their neighborhoods at 3pm, must be out by dark.

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:30 pm

City officials: water is back on

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:35 pm

There are 6 individuals still unaccounted for; not sure if they just walked off or are injured #oktornado

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:36 pm

OKC Mayor: $1.5-2 billion in damages, 12,000 plus homes affected, 33,000 lives impacted.

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:37 pm

Emergency Management addressees Plaza Towers Elementary: Everything that could have been done at the time was done.

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:40 pm

Oklahoma was first state to implement safe room rebate program

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:41 pm

Officials talk about safe room fund for schools

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:43 pm

Gov.:Bills have been passed for $45 million for rainy day fund

KFOR-TV May 22, 201312:46 pm

News conference has ended