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Carney residents thankful families are ok

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CARNEY, OK -- Before all the destruction in Moore, an EF4 tornado flattened a mobile home park near Shawnee and another that hit the town of Carney on Sunday. Two people were killed that day.

One family in Carney lost multiple homes. They were David and Juanita Knox.

Several members of the Knox family rode the storm out together in a storm shelter, but the parents’ home and their son’s home across the street were both flattened.

A third family member's home also suffered some damage but didn't collapse.

Because Carney didn't have anyone killed, those victims know they're overshadowed but not forgotten.

"After Moore; the kids... we're ok," Juanita Knox says.

Jeremy Knox says, "I'm thankful my whole family made it."

"You keep it in perspective this is stuff. In Moore people losing kids. They're gonna feel that every day," says David Knox.

The Knox family says one thing they're struggling with is finding a place to live.

Carney is small and isolated, so it's not easy to just find a hotel room or warm place to stay.