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Tornado survivors gather to show support for victims

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MOORE, Okla. - As the families of tornado victims begin laying their loved ones to rest, people all across the state want to show them their support through this tragic time.

As the families of Nicolas McCabe and Kyle Davis lay their boys to rest, hundreds of people from around the state showed up to support them.

Jesse Stevens was one of hundreds of bikers who showed up. "I think it's great how many people showed up."

Waving flags and riding bikes, these are people who know firsthand what it's like to survive the horrors of an Oklahoma tornado.

People have been making signs to show support for the families who lost someone in the tornado. It's their way to give back to the people who lost so much this week.

Nikki Weekly spent 9 hours on Thursday organizing and making some of the signs. "Grab a marker and a poster board, and hopefully have them lining the street for as far as the family can see so that when they come in they can see that we are standing Oklahoma strong."

When the morning of the funerals came, she loaded hundreds of poster boards and sharpies in the back of her van for people to make their own signs to carry. With a little help, I even made one of my own to show the prayers and support coming from Channel 4.

"I was actually nervous that no one was going to show." Weekly said. "And that was my fault, I should have known better. I should have known better, because when we pulled up to the church and saw the bikes and the people it just took my breath away."

Thanks to Staples, all the poster board and markers used to make the signs were completely free.