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Live Blog: Dangerous storms batter central Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA — Several very dangerous storms hit central Oklahoma on Friday.  KFOR has updates from storm chasing teams on the road.

KFOR-TV May 31, 201311:47 pm

Today’s tornadoes have claimed the lives of 5 people so far, all of whom were in cars during the storm.


KFOR-TV May 31, 201311:20 pm

The 4Warn Storm Team’s Emily Sutton and 4Warn Storm chaser Kevin Josefy had a VERY CLOSE call with the El Reno tornado. They are fine but we can’t say the same for their vehicle. The storm taking out the back windshield is just the beginning.


KFOR-TV May 31, 201310:47 pm

Reed Timmer chased the El Reno tornado & said the winds ripped the hood of the Dominator.


KFOR-TV May 31, 201310:21 pm

It has been a hard couple of weeks but keep the faith, Oklahoma. – Governor Mary Fallin to Oklahomans after weeks of tornadoes.

KFOR-TV May 31, 201310:09 pm

If the area is prone to flooding, it is more than likely flooded now. DO NOT drive into water. Turn around, don’t down.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20139:44 pm

Picture of the El Reno tornado from Reed Timmer. This storm damaged a few homes. Working to confirm totals.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20139:26 pm

This is what the El Reno tornado did the the Weather Channel’s Tornado Hunt vehicle.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20139:07 pm

No tornado warnings are in effect for Oklahoma at this time. Most of central Okla. is still under a tornado watch until midnight. Flash flood is now a serious issue for the metro. DO NOT drive into water. Turn around, don’t drown.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20139:05 pm

No tornado warnings are currently in effect – though there is still huge hail and strong storms in the area.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:42 pm

Victoria Stahl sent us this picture of flash flooding in Mesta Park in OKC. DO NOT drive into water. Turn around, don’t drown.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:42 pm

KFOR’s Adam Mertz reports 5 vehicles (3 of them SUV’s) are completely submerged at Cornell and Reno.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:40 pm

According to reporter Lance West, a mother and her baby were killed when the storm blew their SUV off the interstate.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:37 pm

Confirmed double fatality in traffic accident related to the storm; details incoming.

Steve Baron May 31, 20138:36 pm

NBC News: several injuries in storms:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:35 pm

Photo from OKC airport during shelter-in-place:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:32 pm

No flights are going out of Will Rogers Airport tonight.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:21 pm

Serious flooding on Council Rd. by Outlet Mall. AVOID AREA. Flash flooding now serious issue.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:20 pm

Tornado Warning for Pott. County. Stay Alert. Lead circulation that produced tornado in S. OKC.

Steve Baron May 31, 20138:19 pm

Jon Welsh in Bob Moore Chopper 4 is encouraging everyone to stay in your safe spot now.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:19 pm

Tornado on ground in N. Norman E. of I-35. Power out. Get in safe spot.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:15 pm

At Oncue on 89th & Penn, store was closed but people broke through the glass door searching for cover according to La’Tasha Givens.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:14 pm

Tornado coming into North Norman near Norman North High School.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:09 pm

Adam Mertz said it looks like a transformer caught on fire west of MacArthur on Reno at the Homewood Suites Hotel.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20138:07 pm

40,000 OKC metro area residents are without power.

Steve Baron May 31, 20138:04 pm

‘Like a Hurricane on 240’

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:54 pm

Bob Moore Chopper 4 is in the area near the GM plant and reports many power flashes but that the storm is deeply wrapped in rain but that the storm is ‘nasty’.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:54 pm

Bob Moore Chopper 4 is in the area near the old GM plant and reports many power flashes but that the storm is deeply wrapped in rain but that the storm is ‘nasty’.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:52 pm

Report of tornado on ground in Moore near Santa Fe & 19th St.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:52 pm

Sheet metal in the air near Tuttle.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:47 pm

Watch for Flash Flooding. 4-6 inches already on ground in south OKC.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:45 pm

According to National Weather Service, a tornado is developing south of Del City & moving towards Tinker Air Force Base.

Del City City Hall open as public shelter.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:42 pm

Via CNN:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:38 pm

Small tornado touchdown in area around North Moore at 19th at Telephone

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:36 pm

OG&E now reporting 31,000 people w/o power. POWER OUTAGES:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:35 pm

Picture: The Weather Channel ‘Tornado Hunt’ vehicle destroyed by tornado:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:34 pm

Getting reports of El Reno bank statements floating in air all the way in Luther.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:33 pm

Reed Timmer reports widespread powerlines down with 70-80 mph winds on the back side of the storm.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:30 pm

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:28 pm

Circulation dropped south. North Moore, it’s headed your way. On ground near I-240 & Western.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:27 pm

Almost 22,000 poeople in metro w/o power according to OG&E. Power outages:

Steve Baron May 31, 20137:24 pm

Tornado is now near INTEGRIS Southwest.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:20 pm

Tornado is on ground over new Crosstown. Mile west of Devon Tower. Headed towards Midwest City, Del City. Get severe weather plan ready.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:16 pm

I-35 at Crossroads is closed.

Steve Baron May 31, 20137:13 pm

Steve Baron May 31, 20137:13 pm

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:09 pm

If you’re in OKC, you MUST be UNDERGROUND. Crossing I-40 & I-44 right now. South of Mathis Bros.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:07 pm

Tornado emergency for south OKC. Rotation to cross Meridian Ave. at I-40. LIVE STREAM: Power flashes.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:04 pm

Tornado emergency for South OKC. Tornado at Rockwell & S. 15th St.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20137:02 pm

Power flashes at I-40 & Council. Tornado may be on ground. Get BELOW ground.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:56 pm

Tornado headed straight for downtown & then Midwest City. LIVE STREAM: Get below ground or out of way.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:54 pm

If things don’t change, tornado will form in south OKC: Crossroads, Downtown, State Fair Park, White Water Bay, Airport. – 4Warn Storm Team

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:51 pm

Rotation at Reno & Countyline Rd. Get to SAFE SPOT.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:36 pm

1,000 travelors evacuated to tunnel under Will Rogers Airport. LIVE STREAM:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:31 pm

TORNADO WARNING for Oklahoma County. Cars flipped on I-40. Town of Banner getting hit. 10 minutes from YUKON.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:27 pm

El Reno tornado took out Emily Sutton’s back windshield. They are safe. Mustang, Yukon, GET OUT OF WAY. Go south if can’t get below ground.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:24 pm

El Reno tornado ripped hood of Reed Timmer: Meteorologist and Extreme Storm Chaser’s Dominator. He said that never happened before. Get BELOW ground. LIVE COVERAGE:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:22 pm

Poles down and live stock on road from El Reno tornado. Get BELOW ground.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:20 pm

Tornado Warning for Logan County.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:19 pm

Multi-vortex tornado headed for Mustang, Yukon. Get underground. South OKC, get severe weather plan ready.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:18 pm

Tornado is just south of N. 10th St. near Highway 81. Stay 4Warned on your mobile device. Download FREE apps for live streaming weather coverage & updates:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:14 pm

El Reno, get UNDERGROUND. Tornado getting larger. Moving east. Headed for Mustang/ Yukon.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:12 pm

El Reno tornado to cross 15th St. & 29th St. Almost mile wide. Not hitting structures yet. Take Cover NOW.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:08 pm

I-40 is closed in El Reno. On track to hit El Reno airport. If continues, will take out part of airport. 4Warn Storm Team

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:01 pm

El Reno & Yukon. Get to safe spot. Tornado on ground. 5 miles west of El Reno.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20136:00 pm

Tornado on ground headed into El Reno from west. Get to safe spot. LIVE Coverage:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20135:56 pm

Tornado on ground on I-40 headed to El Reno. Stay Warned on mobile device:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20135:51 pm

Large lowering forming west of El Reno. Rotation picking up and headed into city.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20135:49 pm

Possible tornado on ground near Calumet. Reed Timmer is on this storm. WATCH:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20135:45 pm

Reports of funnel cloud near Kingfisher now. Stay 4Warned:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20135:40 pm

Report: 281 and 40, well-defined cone funnel, just west of Shell gas station.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20135:39 pm

Two main areas with circulation: Cedar Lake and area near Cherokee Truck Stop by bend in river

KFOR-TV May 31, 20135:37 pm

Tornado warning in Canadian County

KFOR-TV May 31, 20135:35 pm

I-40 and exit 108, So. Walbaum Rd.: large lowering, but disorganized, cloud and wrapping rain curtains.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20135:18 pm

The Women’s College World Series has been delayed and they will give a 2 hour warning when the game is expected to start. The Barons game will still be held.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20135:11 pm

Significant rotation developing on storm headed down I-40. ETA: Calumet 5:30, El Reno Airport at 5:41, Lucky Star Casino at 5:45

KFOR-TV May 31, 20135:08 pm

Wall cloud west/northwest of Calumet

KFOR-TV May 31, 20134:52 pm

“Classic super cell development” just west of Oklahoma City.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20134:40 pm

Large hail developing in storm over Greenfield. Storms near Okarche and El Reno could be severe in the next 20 minutes.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20134:28 pm

This is the first PDS of the year: “particularly dangerous situation” until midnight. This includes northern Oklahoma and northeastern Oklahoma through the OKC metro area and all the way down to Ada and Lawton.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20134:22 pm

Chase Thomason in northwest Oklahoma City — cap broken. South winds and rain starting to develop in that area.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20134:21 pm

Watch our coverage live on your phone or desktop computer here:

KFOR-TV May 31, 20134:19 pm

A large base, increasing in size near El Reno, according to Reed Timmer — “This is a bad a situation.” The storm is about eight miles north of El Reno.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20134:11 pm

Tower clouds forming on the east side of the metro, from Reed Timmer. Six miles east of El Reno.

KFOR-TV May 31, 20134:06 pm

Mike Morgan says today has an “exceptionally high potential” for severe weather — with the highest risk for the OKC metro around 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.