Storms produced wide area of damage

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  • right outside my shelter so close i could here it

  • may 31 tornado formation west of Pocasset 5 miles looking north Minco area

  • 1 mile south of El Reno looking west

  • 1 mile south of El Reno Looking west

  • 1 mile south of El Reno looking west

  • I couldn't capture the entire circle that was surrounding this storm with my available lens. -Susan George - Rosedale

  • There is two cars down the road one is news 4 Emily Sutton

  • After the first round of tornados hit OKC/Union City, the skies looked like this in Stillwater

  • Neighbors car flattened

  • Looking north from the west service rd of I-35 I got this picture of what they were describing on the radio when it was over I-35 and Indian Hills Rd.

  • Leaving the house to get out of the way was on the mind of many people.

  • Unnamed

  • Photo by Stacia Dunkin 5/31/2013

  • Photo by Stacia Dunkin 5/31/2013

  • Tree pulled out of the ground by the roots. Taken by Terrie Kriley

  • Taken after the storm went through. Beautiful!

  • Looking WNW on the west end of Stillwater before dusk on May 31st.

  • Unnamed

  • May 31, 2013 After storm passes in Cushing, OK. Photographer - Jessica Wingett Aka - Jade

  • This is facing ESE at 178th and May in Deer Creek/Edmond on May 31st, 2013

  • We left our house and drove away from the storm. I took this picture at a stop light on the way home. A majestic view after a very nasty day. This was taken at Penn and Memorial, OKC.

  • South Moore, May 31 at approximately 7.20pm Megan Jackson

  • 5/31/2013 Trucks started to pile up on I-40, heading eastbound toward the Metro Area. Big trucks becoming sitting ducks to be tipped over. by Gopi Namaste

  • Unnamed

  • Clouds over Moore May 31, 2013 around 6 p.m.

  • Sky and wall cloud south of Moore, OK, May 31st at approximately 7.20pm

  • This is right after the tornado warning was lifted and fans and staff were allowed to leave.

  • I noticed this heart cloud...thought it was interesting...I adjusted this one...I will send the original next

  • Taken at 6:25 pm from my house 1/4 mile south of Lake Thunderbird. Looking west. John Northcutt

  • Trees down, fence destroyed, lots of damage.

  • from the tracks on the ground it looks like it was flipped twice over a fence and in the neighbors yard

  • Photo taken looking west from our Rosedale property towards Purcell. Photo: Susan George

  • north OKC by highway 81 looking south

  • Taken at 6:25 pm, 1/4 mile south of Lake Thunderbird

  • Taken at 6:25 pm, 1/4 mile south of Lake Thunderbird

  • Dark and looming clouds before the tornado touched down in Norman

  • picture of the storm from sooner road about to cross I-240 pointed towards the crossroads mall are.

  • Lightning in the sky Friday night about 10 pm. Taken from NW OKC.

  • 5/31/13 NW 164th and Penn Andrea Williams

  • Hail on the ground, east side of house. Taken at 8:43 pm, 1/4 mile south of Lake Thunderbird.

  • Taken at 8:43 pm, 1/4 mile south of Lake Thunderbird.

  • Taken at 9:26 P.M. May 31 2013 facing south looking down Billen ST

  • this is the original pic of the heart cloud

  • Taken from Sooner road heading towards Moore. Camera pointed in direction of Moore

  • We kept trying to drive away from the storm heading south and it just kept shifting towards us. We tried heading towards the light and the car got engulfed in darkness. Not sure where this is. Somewhere past draper headed towards norman (i think)

  • Courtesy: Vella in Silver Lake

  • Courtesy: Kevin & DeLeah Poe in Stillwater

  • Courtesy: Eric Radford near Devon

  • Courtesy: Curtis Liles in Downtown OKC

  • Courtesy: Cornfedokie

  • Courtesy: Carly Murray on Reno

  • Courtesy: Brittany Callison in Paseo District

  • Courtesy: Andrew Cruz in Bethany

  • Courtesy: Agsokc near NW 50th & Western

  • OKC Mesta Park flooding - Victoria Stahl

  • Courtesy: Trina

  • Courtesy: Tracy at SW52 & Independence

  • Courtesy: Tameia Higgins

  • Courtesy: Sandy Price in North Norman

  • Courtesy: Ralph Davis near Ren & Rockwell

  • Courtesy: Justin Skalla

  • Courtesy: Erin near Union City

  • Courtesy: Bryan

  • Courtesy: Annejan64

  • Not my pic. It was just posted on Facebook.

  • Hail in El Reno 5/31/13

  • Courtesy: Porter Jordan

  • Courtesy: Michelle Morkrid

  • Courtesy: Kenneth Parks

  • Courtesy: Christi Owen

  • Courtesy: Brooke Brown

  • Courtesy: Kenneth Parks

  • Courtesy: Darrick Goforth

  • Courtesy: Jana Ray

  • Courtesy: Alyssa Gore

  • Courtesy: Alyssa Gore

  • Courtesy: Cody Baker

  • Courtesy: Cody Baker

  • Courtesy: Ginger Magill

  • Norman

  • Courtesy: Cindy Burgess NW 122nd & Council

  • Courtesy: Cassidy Rice

  • Courtesy: Shortyninja

  • El Reno tornado - Reed Timmer May 31

  • South Moore power poles down - Lance West May 31

  • El Reno tornado overturned numerous semis. - Lance West May 31

  • Mother and baby killed when tornado blew their SUV off the highway near Mustang. - Lance West May 31

  • Near 36th and Shartel

  • Courtesy: Denise Kimball in the Paseo

  • Courtesy: Lisa Dudzinski

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahomans woke up once again to tragedy after another night of deadly storms explode just west of El Reno and crossed the metro killing 13 people, including several children.

The storms injured dozens more and some remain in critical condition. Many who perished were in their cars, while the tenth and eleventh victim were recovered from flooded areas.

More than 90 people have been treated for injuries as the storms dumped five to ten inches of rain in a few hours.

The same storms that spawned multiple tornadoes also brought torrential rains that soon led to massive flooding and people scrambling to find refuge from the storm.

Daylight did not bring peace. The rising waters forced the evacuations of hundreds and sadly the body of a tenth victim was discovered this afternoon. He was reported missing after he left for work this morning and never arrived.

For the second week in a row families across Oklahoma are once again cleaning up after a string of deadly tornadoes; leaving many homes and lives splintered.

Multiple twisters, sometimes two on the ground at once, crisscrossed the landscape destroying everything in their path.

As the storm approached the southwest side of the metro thousands sought refuge in the tunnels below Will Rogers World Airport to seek cover.

It’s a good thing the tornado went just north of the airport, but 80 mile an hour winds battered the building leaving it vulnerable to the deluge of rain that followed.

Some aircraft and surrounding hangers were also damaged. There is no word yet on the estimated cost for repairs.

Despite all the destruction flights have resumed.

Here are some photos sent in from our viewers and visitors:

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