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Disaster relief group cooking 200,000 meals for storm victims

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Help continues to pour in for storm victims and the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief group has focused on providing hot meals for people affected by the recent vicious storms.

This army of volunteers has served more than 200,000 meals to people in Moore, El Reno, Shawnee and other areas hit.

The goal is simple; to keep peoples' tummies full and to give them nutrition.

For Southern Baptist Disaster Relief members, food is just a small part of the greater message.

"That the world cares about them and it's really a compassion thing," Sam Porter said, State Director of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief.

During devastating times like the recent tornadoes and flooding that hit Oklahoma, people affected might be too busy focusing on what to do next, rather than to keep healthy.

Porter said the task to make hundreds of thousands of meals takes a lot of helping hands, among other things.

"We have 17 semis full of food, that's about $1 million worth of food sitting in this parking lot," Porter said.

If the need arises, a certain truck can make up to 30,000 meals per day now, food like black eyed peas and brisket.

"Yum and it smells real good," volunteer Julia Bolding said.

Bolding said you can't fix all the devastation but giving a hot meal to people who don't have a home to eat in anymore can provide a temporary form of relief.

"If we can let them know that others care, that's bigger than we even know," Bolding said.

Through foods like roast and black eyed peas, volunteers are cooking their way into peoples' hearts.

"When everyone else's world falls apart, I've got 5,000 Oklahomans trained what to do when that happens," Porter said.

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief team has an agreement with the Red Cross and the Salvation Army to distribute the meals to storm victims in devastated areas.