Remembering May 20th, 5 years later
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Young Moore tornado survivor still hospitalized

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Ten children died May 20th when an F5 tornado plowed through Moore.

There were more than 50 kids injured that afternoon as they were taking shelter in their homes and schools.

Jackson Quick, 8, was rushed to OU Medical Center's Children's Hospital in critical condition after the tornado hit his home.

Quick was in an interior closet with his older brother, Tanner, 13, his mother, Shannon Quick, and his grandmother, Joy Waldroop.

Jackson Quick is still being treated at OU Medical Center, almost three weeks after the tornado; the facility's last pediatric patient from the May 20th tornado.

Jackson remembers when the tornado hit his home, "I remember our mom dying. It was an F5 tornado. It destroyed our house. Tanner survived." said Jackson.

Tanner is Jackson's 13-year-old brother.

"I ended up on my stomach. I remember Mama saying she couldn't breathe." said Jackson.

The storm ripped the boys' baseball helmets right off their heads.

Jackson was critically injured.

Shannon Quick didn't make it to the hospital, impaled by debris; she died at the house.

Jackson wasn't able to attend his mom's funeral because of his hospitalization.

Jackson remembers being loaded up onto a make-shift stretcher.

He remembers the helpers; the firefighters and the crew in the ambulance.

"I just want to say thank you to everyone who's been nice to me. The firefighters who came, the people in that ambulance." said Jackson. "I also want to say thank you to my nurses and all the people that I've had in surgery."

Jackson has a broken leg and a deep gash in his side.

Doctors are waiting to close the wound until it is free of bacteria.

Recovery has been excruciating, but there are good days.

"The fire department came up here (to the hospital). They signed a hat that's over there." said Jackson.

He has had lots of visitors, including the Westmoore basketball team, Jason White, Bob Stoops and more.

Little league teammates handed over their own trophies so Jackson can rebuild his collection.

Healing comes one blessing at a time.

You can donate to Jackson Quick's family on this fundraiser website.

The site is administered by Quick's uncle, Jeremy Soulek, who is posting updates about the family.

You can also donate to the family at any Bancfirst location, where there are benefit accounts set up for Jackson and Tanner Quick and their injured grandmother, Joy Waldroop.