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IYC: Tornado victim frustrated with major airline

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MOORE, OKLA. - Yong Chae was doing yard work when he realized the tornado was racing right at him!

“There were power flashes,” he said.

There wasn’t a moment to spare.

“I'm quiet,” Yong said. “I'm quiet.”

He raced into his living room, flipped over the couch using it to shield his body.

Yong's daughter, Bomi, a former golf star at Moore High School was hundreds of miles away in Seattle watching the horror unfold on TV.

"I didn't know what to do,” Bomi said. “I automatically call my dad and of course I get the emergency signal where it doesn't even ring. The same with my mom."

Mother nature spared Bomi's parents.

However, damage to their home is extensive.

A rift with American Airlines is the last thing they need.

Bomi said, “I just feel like they could have been more understanding.”

Here's the issue.

Bomi's mom had plans to visit her daughter in Seattle.

She was scheduled to leave on American Airlines just three days after the tornado rocked Moore. 

“And just through urgent situations of course she wouldn't be able to fly out,”

Bomi says the airline wouldn't cancel the ticket or waive the re-booking fee, only saying it was a non-refundable ticket.

They also refused to change the name on the reservation, so Bomi could fly home to be with her parents.

American did however offer to mail her mom a voucher.

Bomi said, “We don't have a mailbox and the only people who can get through since our home is in the disaster zone would be emergency vehicles.”

Bomi tried contacting American through its website and on Facebook and Twitter, but says the company deleted her comments.

“I feel there should be exceptions made, especially when it's a national declared disaster and have your employees use better judgment,” Bomi said.

It took a little persuasion but in the end American Airlines agreed to waive the change fee on the voucher.

Bomi's mom now has a full year to use the ticket at her discretion. 

Daughter, Bomi, plans to fly home to be with her family in the coming weeks.