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MOORE, OK -- Former Pastor Steve Spear started in April, running a marathon a day. He's following Route 66 from California to Chicago, and on to New York. He will raise over a $1 million for clean drinking water in Kenya by logging over 3,000 miles.

Today he stopped by Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College in Moore.

"The country is with you," said Spear. "Praying with you and for you."

The school has turned their basketball gym into a make shift grocery store for tornado victims. Spear was there to do some personal shopping.

"Feel free to take as many as you need Francesca," said Spear to a shopper. "Do you need any paper plates or napkins or any of these things here?"

He also provided the muscle by packing her car full.

Now that he's done shopping he has thirty miles to complete in the Oklahoma heat, but he's not thinking about 95 degrees. He says he was humbled as he ran down the I-35 service road passing one of the hardest hit areas.

"It's been cool to not only do this "Hope in Africa" deal but also to just see what I can do in little other parts of the country," said Spear.

Before 2007 he would never believe you if you told he would be running over 3,000 miles cross country.

"Ran that one marathon. Thought it was a one and out deal," said Spear. "But one became two, became three, became a few ultras and about a year ago made the decision to run across the United States."

He also cant believe his age. He had to ask his wife to be sure.

"I'll turn 50... wait how old? Will I turn 50 in December?," questioned Spear. "50 in December! Sorry see I'm getting old I can't even remember how old I am!"

50 years old and full of energy. Instead of being driven to the school, he ran to the door. He took a minute to cool off and then started shopping.

From here he's headed to Joplin, Missouri, which he said is the half way point he has been waiting for.