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Artists use powerful song to bring help to Oklahoma

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MOORE -- Music brought Shane Henry and Maggie McClure together. She opened for him at the Red Dirt Cafe in Norman in 2003, and never left. They've been married for a year and a half now.

Both were born and raised in Oklahoma and both are talented musicians. They moved to Los Angeles to take their careers to the next level.

That's where they first heard about the May 20th tornado that hit the city of Moore. Overcome with emotion, they wrote a song right there in their recording studio: "Carry Me, Carry On."

"We felt like we got punched in the chest." Henry said. "Watching Newschannel 4 via The Weather Channel on the television in L.A. and it was sunny. It was just like nothing was happening there but we knew what was going on back home."

The couple came back home to play in a local concert to raise money for the victims. They performed and recorded their new song in the middle of the rubble and then posted it on Youtube three weeks later.

"If you`re not here, it tends to go away. If you`re somewhere else, you see it on the news while it`s happening and then you forget about it." McClure said. "But we kind of waited a little while to do this because we wanted to remind people this was only three weeks ago. This is still very fresh and people are devastated. People have lost everything."

Music brought this couple together; now they're using it to bring help back to Oklahoma.

"We wish we could donate a million dollars, we would totally do it if we could." Henry said. "But for us, we can write a song, and hopefully that will impact as well."

"We hope that our video reminds people maybe I should be praying for those people, maybe I should be helping people somehow." McClure said. "We`re just representing our home state and hope that whatever we do helps."

The song "Carry Me, Carry On" will be available on iTunes July 2.

You can see a full version of their song on their websites and