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Man says appliances were damaged when OG&E power was restored

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A northwest Oklahoma City man says he's contemplating a lawsuit against OG&E for what happened after the utility company restored power to a metro neighborhood. He claims the company is responsible for frying a house-full of appliances.

The man says OG&E told him it's not their fault.

In the 3900 block of N.W. 14th in Oklahoma City, refrigerators are sitting outside. They became useless only after the power came back on following the May 31st storm.

Other appliances suffered the same fate.

Dennis Webb, who blames OG&E for the damages says, "My mother turned her light bulbs on. They blew. Her ceiling fan was on slow, but it was turning like it was a prop to an airplane."

Dennis Webb says after the storm, his mom's 110 volt outlets were cranking out 250 volts of power. He said it fried everything in the house, from the fridge to the A/C to the TV's.

Webb said he found an OG&E worker at a substation who said it was a serious problem.

"When he got here, he found a primary line and a secondary line twisted together," Dennis Webb says.

Webb called OG&E to file a complaint and didn't like the response.

"He came back Friday and said that this was storm related, that they were not responsible," Webb explains. "The damage didn't occur until they failed to check the lines before they reenergized the power to the customers out here."

Webb says the appliance damage to his mom's house is from $8,000 to $10,000.

He says OG&E told him it was physically impossible for them to check every power line when there's such a widespread outage.

Dennis Webb says, "To me, that's a safety concern, not only for their workers, but for the homeowners here."

We contacted OG&E over the weekend. A spokesperson told us they were not aware of this problem, but they are looking into it now.