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Father knocks out son’s eye with hammer

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The May 31st storm damaged more than just property. It also dismantled a relationship between Jason and Clark Yowell.

EMSA medic, Angela Hall said, "You get a difference of opinion, it escalates very quickly."

EMSA medics raced to Action Water Sports Monday night on reports that Clark Yowell had attacked his son with a ball peen hammer.

Hill said, "A hammer can be pretty bad. They can cause a fatality hit in the right spot hard enough."

Witnesses say Jason was unwilling to pay the rent until his father, who owns this property, repaired the storm damage to the business.  

According to the police report, Jason started "getting in his face and bumping his chest." 

That's when his 66-year-old father began swinging. Oklahoma City Police Spokesperson, Jennifer Wardlow said, "His father pulled out a hammer and hit him in the face. We had several witnesses tell police what they saw. It appeared this man was missing eyeball."

NewsChannel 4 spoke to Jason's business partner, who asked not to be on camera.

"How bad was it?  He was injured. He's going to be blind in his right eye," the business partner says.

Clark Yowell is facing charges of domestic abuse and maiming.