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Meet the Boy Scout with all 134 merit badges

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WINNSBORO, SC -- Logan Robinson is going to need a bigger sash. He's come a long way in 10 years. Back then he was just a 7-year-old Cub Scout who enjoyed carving polar bears out of bars of soap.

"For a 7-year old to have a knife and be carving something, it was awesome," said Robinson. "I was hooked right away."

Robinson achieved his Eagle Scout rank by the age of 13. Most scouts quit when they hit Eagle. Robinson was just getting started.

"If I didn't have something to focus on, I was just going to fizzle out," said Robinson.

So Troop 49 scoutmaster Jimmie Joyner gave Robinson a challenge: earn every single badge available -- all 134.

"I've heard there have only been about 180-200 boys who've earned every badge out of the millions of scouts," said Joyner.

Robinson had many weekends spent at scouting camps earning a few badges at a time, but he got there. Everything from dentistry to tracking and bugling, which was a pain.

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