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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Sheriff’s deputies arrested 18 people late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. A sobriety checkpoint was held in the 300 block of Meridian Avenue which resulted in seven people arrested for driving under the influence, five people driving with a suspended license.

Four people had drugs in their possession; one person tried to assault an officer and two people had warrants out for their arrest.

On top of the 18 people arrested 83 tickets and 22 warnings were given. More than 900 vehicles passed through the check point.


Here is the full report:
The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office held a special DUI emphasis operation that started June 29th at 10:30 pm and ended June 30th at 3:00 am. The event consisted of a sobriety checkpoint that was held in the 300-block of N. Meridian Avenue in Oklahoma City. Results from the checkpoint and extra patrols follow:

Total arrest charges – 18
*06 – DUI
*05 – Driving with a suspended license
*03 – Possession of drugs (meth)
*02 – Warrants
*01 – Possession of marijuana
*01 – Assault & Battery on an officer

*26 – Driving with a suspended license
*24 – Failure to carry insurance
*11 – No state drivers license
*07 – Other
*06 – Expired license place
*02 – No seat belt
*01 – No child restraint
*01 – No driver license in possession
*01 – Transporting open container
*01 – Unsafe lane change
*01 – Failure to obey traffic signal

*06 – Other
*03 – Defective equipment
*03 – Failure to obey traffic signal
*02 – Expire license
*01 – Left of center

IMPOUNDS: 42 vehicles

931 total vehicles either passed through or were stopped at the checkpoint.