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Couple finally wed after taking shelter from tornadoes

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MOORE, OK -- It's been one month since the May 31st tornadoes. This day also marks one month that an Oklahoma couple took shelter and survived that storm; during their wedding.

"I woke up that morning and things were going really smooth, and I was ready to get married," the bride, Sarah Bray explains.

She was ready to walk down the aisle. A wedding that was years in the making, but something else was in the making that evening on May 31st.

"While I was waiting for my dad to come and get me to walk me down the aisle; and that's when my dad came into the room and told me that all of the guests were taking shelter in interior rooms in the church and that we were also going into an interior room," Bray says.

"I can just remember coming down the stairs like she said waiting for her dad to walk her down the aisle and the entire sanctuary was evacuating," Tammy Reiss, the mother of the bride says.

But even with all the chaos, this couple, who have known each other since elementary school, were determined to keep with tradition.

"It was really scary. I wanted to see him really bad, but I also wanted to preserve the tradition. I kept my veil on and we didn't see each other the entire time," Sarah Bray says.

"It was crazy the entire time I was trying to take shelter. I was thinking about her the entire time," Channing Bray, the groom explains.

After two hours of prayer and taking cover the happy couple, the bridal group and all her guests finally took their positions and they were married.

Sarah Bray says, "My parents came to me and said 'We're safe to get out of the safe rooms. Do you want to get married?' I said yes let’s do this."

And they did; among family, friends and motorists; strangers really; people who took shelter inside the church. Sarah and Channing finally tied the knot.

"I walked into the hall and said I know you guys are here to seek shelter but we're here for a wedding and you're welcome to stay," Sarah Bray says.

Channing Bray says, "I saw her and all the emotions hit and it was the happiest day of my life."

"Maybe if we can make it through a storm and a tornado we can make it through anything," Sarah says.

The electricity was out, but in the candlelight this family believes more than just a wedding was saved that night.

"God is all knowing and I knew those people were going to be saved and seek shelter at our church. God had a hand in the whole situation."

The couple's reception was rescheduled but their honeymoon took place as planned.