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EDMOND, OKLAHOMA -- Every kid Jude Flurry's age puts shoes on in the morning, and even at age 11 the still try the wrong foot first.

On this particular AM, Jude chooses the right soft shoe for his left foot.

He wears two different types of shoes for Irish dancing.

"I started doing it," says Jude, who began his Irish dancing lessons about five years ago. "And I liked it and I kept with it."

Jude wanted to try after watching his big sister take a class.

Pretty soon he was learning the steps too, only better.

Jude showed us a fancy step called the 'drum'. "Just take your right foot out. Put your back heel down and twist,"

His feet then move in a fast motion blur, impossible to follow.

Flurry is a member of an Irish Dance school at the Armstrong College in Edmond.

The work is hard. He's here for hours at a time four or five days a week.

His own mother and several different teachers look on to make sure he's getting the steps just right.

Jude says the hardest part is, "getting all the techniques right at once, making every, single bit perfect."

Legs like rubber and energy like a hot furnace.

That combination led Jude to a top 10 finish at the World Irish Dance Competition in March, 2013.

"Yeah. All over the world," says Flurry. "Most of them come from Britain, Ireland, and the United States."

Instruction, music, and timing.

Combine them in a fast motion staccato and you've got Irish Dance.

Oklahoma isn't exactly famous for it but Jude Flurry is climbing that mountain as quickly as his steps can carry him.

The U.S. Nationals in Irish Dance take place in early July.

Jude hopes to improve on last year's 3rd place finish there.

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