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Many employees here at KFOR-TV are unique. The NewsChannel 4 gang comes with a few quirks.

Every family has them and we're no different. Behaviors that can sometimes set us apart or make people do a double take. Now the unusual behavior of some of our co-workers is revealed.

Bob Barry Jr. says, “This is recycling gold. Somebody left out a full soft drink; tough; it's going with me."

This is why we saw Bob Barry Jr. digging through the trash. He's not digging; he's sorting.

"Aluminum cans and bottles only and people treat it like a trash can [it] wears me out. [It’s a] violation," Bob says.

Bobby is a serious recycler. He has spread his passion all over the station.

"Now Junior; it's not just down low; you've got stuff up high too,” Kevin says.

“We're going up high... if I have to get Kevin Durant to reach up I’ll do it. Our satellite truck guy Tony Beverly is helping me out. He cleans out the mobile units,” Bob Barry explains.

Bobby even takes his act on the road.

"I bought these things where you walk around town by the highway and I bought and over the shoulder thing and when I walk I do I pick up stuff and put it in the recycle bin,” Barry says.

“Good for you,” Kevin says.

“Saving the planet Kevin!" Bob says.

And anchor/reporter Chellie Mills has a quirk maybe some of you share. She just can't stand to walk around the newsroom and see a phone cord all twisted and knotted up. She just has to undo it.

"Right now Joleen is the worst. I don't understand if they stand up and spin around when they're talking on the phone. My phone cord stays straight no problem. Theirs are all tangled," Chellie explains.

Speaking of our friend Joleen Chaney, she loves cutting up on the air with her pal Emily Sutton on Rise and Shine. But get her away from the studio and Joleen’s quirk is her sometimes paralyzing shyness. Even when they go to lunch together Emily has to do the talking.

But oddly enough Joleen is not afraid of the camera with thousands watching.

"It’s not a person it's just a camera," Joleen says.

In fact Joleen is so shy. She has to eat near the back of a restaurant away from other people.

"I will never sit in the middle of a restaurant," Joleen says.

A nice big booth is perfect.

"It's kinda away from everybody... and these are tall booths. Exactly you’re all in here hunkered down eating your nachos," Joleen explains.

So what’s Emily’s quirk? Our morning weather expert can't help herself. She just loves to sing and dance and during her Rise and Shine hours she really likes to belt it out during the commercial breaks.

"Well sometimes they test out the music of what they are going to play during the show. A little snippet and I'll hear it in my earpiece and so then without realizing it will start dancing and singing to it or sometimes will do that without them playing anything just cause my life is kinda a musical," Emily says.

And my brother Kent Ogle; he has taken his workplace to new heights. Kent’s quirk is to forget the chair. He does all of his creativity while standing at his desk manipulating his two keyboards and monitors. He says he sits so much at the anchor desk he prefers to be on both feet during the rest of the day.

"I love flowers... I love watching them grow... somehow it makes me calm," Linda Cavanaugh explains.

Linda's passion for gardening is a well-known fact.... but what is kind of quirky is Linda only plants white flowers... so she can see them when she gets off work after the 10:00 pm news. But, wait, there is more.

"It's just when you come home there's something about the way they glow in the moonlight that makes you so happy that they are there to say welcome home; so it's fun,” Linda says.

Are your flowers talking to you? Kevin asks.

Then when I have a glass of wine then they start singing!" Linda jokingly says.

That is a look at just a few of the quirks here at KFOR.

If we documented all of the strange behavior back in that newsroom, we'd need an entire newscast.