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ATLANTA-- Bystanders at train station are being called heroes after they jumped into action when a veteran fell onto the tracks Tuesday afternoon.

Maj. Kenneth Hunter was waiting for the train when all of a sudden he stumbled onto the tracks, just as the train was approaching the station.

Deonte Robinson, a police officer at the station, called for the power to be shut off and jumped onto the tracks, along with another patron.

The pair was able to push Hunter back onto the platform.

Hunter said, "I don't know how I slipped but I fell."

Hunter, who is a war veteran, says he had a bad reaction to pain pills at the station, which made him feel intoxicated.

Hunter is now being charged with public drunkenness and reckless conduct.

He says he is ready to face a judge and wants to say thank you to the people who risked their lives for him.

He said, "They came in there and took care of everything and I'm grateful.