Warm temperatures in store ahead of cold front

Water patrol watching for law breakers

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EDMOND, OK - Police were out in full force on the lakes Thursday in an effort to protect those they can from getting hurt this holiday. Boats back into Lake Arcadia and off they go to celebrate July 4th.

'We're just going to go out and do a little boating, me and my kids, do a little toobing, a little swimming and barbequing," said Troy Berry.

A yearly tradition for most, but for Patrolman Todd Strader, this year looks different. With much needed rainfall this year, the lake water is a foot deeper.

"Last year, especially with Hefner and everything being so shallow, we weren't getting a lot of boat traffic."

More boats, but more water for them.

"It actually makes it safer when the waters up because there's not things underground that are popping up that you don't expect," said Patrolman Strader.

However, deep water can be dangerous for swimmers. Kids 13 and under have to have on lifejackets in the boat or in the water. Still, that's the most common ticket Patrolman Srader writes.

"We try to avoid drownings at all costs, and if that's what it takes, we'll do it," said Patrolman Strader.

If you're caught without a life jacket, you could face a $100 fine.