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Mother throws party for teens while her young child is locked in bathroom

WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- Late at night neighbors say they heard a commotion. Someone called police and investigators say they found Kimberly Kiernan hosting a party for two dozen teens, many just 14- and 15-years-old.

The mother in Florida was the center of an alcohol fueled party for teens while her young child sat locked in a bathroom crying.

Police say Kiernan told police her 16-year-old son was having a party. Inside her condo, officers say they found bags of liquor, beer, and marijuana residue.

Police say a seven-year-old boy told them: "Mommy locked me in the bathroom."

Kiernan was drunk and unable to stand and urinating on herself, and a 16-year-old had passed out and was choking. Neighbors say things have been weird for a while, and have complained about Kiernan before.

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